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Graphing Tangent in Trig Class

Graph the following questions … do 3 periods of each:  P. 191 (10, 15 – 18, 31, 32)  … Remember that one period or what is in parentheses you set equal to (-pi/2) and (pi/2) …. always!!!


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Math 7

Cross Products Rule

Ratios are only proportional when their cross products are equal!

Make sure to show all the ALGEBRA for full credit on your assignment.  P.289 (6-13, 16-27)

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Geometry HW Let’s try again!!

Ok if you didn’t finish the last assignment of 15, go do them again until you have done them all correct!  Come back to blog and post like you were supposed to on the correct post!

After you have done that, come back to this post and now I am adding 3 more proofs for you to do. At do Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 1 -3.  Come back and comment on the three proofs you just did.


Test Tues

Remember to study for the test Tues. Practice proving parallel lines, finding angles of parallel lines, determining whether lines are parallel or perpendicular or neither based on the slope between points or their equations.

Perpendicular slopes are like contrapositive in logic. (change order and negate)

Transitive is like syllogism.

Substitution is replacing an equal value into a different expression. As in: If m<4 =m<3 and <4 is supplementary to <2 then ❤ is supplementary to <2.

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Test Monday

Remember test Monday on chapter 4. Study the chapter review starting on page 280 be sure to study the vocabulary.

Independent and dependent variables, domain, range. Bring your graphing calculators to help with table of values.

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Ok sign in and say hello! Write out one theorem that no one else has written. Then sign on again to see my comment.


Hopefully you will all get a chance to sign online.  Your assignment is to go to the following webpage: Go through and complete the first 15 proofs!  Yes I said 15.  Don’t worry.  You are just filling in the statement and reason columns.  So you will start with “Complementary Angles 1” and end with “Converse of Parallel Lines 5.”


Once you have completed these proofs online, come back to the blog and discuss which proof you thought was the easiest and which was the most difficult.


Now that you have done all 15 and written about 2 proofs respond to atleast one of your classmates if you agree of disagree on the proofs that they chose to talk about.  For example, maybe I found the first converse proof really difficult and did not really understand the logically sequence on how it was done and you thought it was the easiest one.  You would then share with me I why you thought it was one of the easiest ones.

Post any questions on how to complete the assignment as well.


Please do not wait  until Sunday night to do the 15 proofs because then that will not give your classmates times to respond.

We will pull up the blog on the projector in class on Monday to see everyones work.


If you see that a classmate has yet to post anything and you have a way to connect them … shoot them a friendly reminder.



Trig hw

P.182 (88_90_91_93_94) application questions 🙂

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Alg 2

Quiz on Tuesday …. look through chapter 7 for practice questions … Logarithms!

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Math 7

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Alg 2

e is the natural base for ln ….. p. 534 (2-10, 13-20)

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