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ALgebra 2 Ch 12/13

At this page you can scroll through the exam and find questions that relate to chapter 12 and 13.  Also at the end is the reference sheet which you will have on the exam:






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Learning Triangle Inequality

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Math 7 Homework

Remember quiz tomorrow on this assignment!

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Geometry Online HW


Please do the following:

1.  Go and play around with the applet of the circumcenter:

2.  Go and play around with the applet for the Euler Line:

3.  Go and play around with the applet for the incenter:

4.  Write up a description with a sketch of all of the different “centers” and bring to class on Monday.

5.  Do a google search and find another applet that you like for any of the centers and post your response here.

6.  Respond to one of your classmates and tell them what you liked or didn’t like about the applet that they posted.

7.  Bring to class more information about the Euler Line.



As a reminder Calculus class …. use the JustMath Tutoring link on this page to access all of the videos!

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