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Test Tues

Remember to study for the test Tues. Practice proving parallel lines, finding angles of parallel lines, determining whether lines are parallel or perpendicular or neither based on the slope between points or their equations.

Perpendicular slopes are like contrapositive in logic. (change order and negate)

Transitive is like syllogism.

Substitution is replacing an equal value into a different expression. As in: If m<4 =m<3 and <4 is supplementary to <2 then ❤ is supplementary to <2.


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Test Monday

Remember test Monday on chapter 4. Study the chapter review starting on page 280 be sure to study the vocabulary.

Independent and dependent variables, domain, range. Bring your graphing calculators to help with table of values.

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10/13 lesson Math 8-2

Daily lessons and assignments:

Wed 10/13  students did holy cards and fraperdec then went over vocabulary —

Coefficient, variable, constant, evaluate, substitute.

We talked about combining variables

We practiced evaluating expressions by substituting the value of variables and simplifying. The students were given the reteach handout for section 1-1

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